Join Us!!!


Tomorrow we’ll be walking for adoption. We’ll be walking in honor of  Sam’s birthparents. We’ll be walking in celebration of our family. We’ll be walking in gratitude for the HOPE that adoption brings.


Rumor has it that a certain boy will be wearing a superman costume as his way of celebrating the day.  Jon and I will be wearing orange. It is the adoption color…which is my favorite color.


Hope to see you there!


National Adoption Month!

November is National Adoption Month! This picture was taken seconds after I met Sam and his beautiful birthmom for the first time. Pure joy, pure love, pure delicious curly-haired sweet-smelling heaven.  We were lucky to spend a lot of time with Sam’s birthmom in the hospital. She is the one who taught me to change a diaper. She taught me how to feed Sam. She taught me how to take care of her sweet baby. Most of all, she taught me so much about love.

Love you Holly & Greg! You are loved, appreciated and remembered every single day. XOXOX!



Memories and Nachos

We just got back from a trip to the midwest to help our friends move. The highlight of our trip was being able to stop and see Sam’s birthparents. Oh how we adore them. It was great being back in Sam’s birthtown. So many tender emotions surfaced as we remembered our journey there less than two years ago. Memories of getting on an airplane nervous with anticipation, meeting Sam’s beautiful birthmom, meeting Sam, falling in love with curly-haired perfection, learning from Sam’s birthmom how to take care of her tiny baby, soaking up every word she said, savoring every moment we had together, being new parents….it all come flooding back.

What a joy it was to see Sam’s birthparents again! They love Sam so much. We love them so much! I hope they see how much he is loved and adored. It was great to be able to ask them about some of Sam’s traits. He is left-handed (maybe) like his birthmom. He get his love of animals from them. He gets his curiosity about how things work from his birthdad. They both share Sam’s love of music.

We stayed in the same hotel we “lived” in for the first week of Sam’s life until we were cleared by ICPC to return home. This time we took Sam swimming. He LOVED the pool….somewhere we did not venture the first time around. We saw our favorite waitress who served us nearly nightly right after Sam was born. We had the nachos again and they were every bit as tasty as we remembered.

So many reminders. So many memories. Such fabulous nachos.

Truly a reminder that we have been living our miracle for the past 19 months and three weeks (but who is counting, right?).

Our baby turned into a little(ish) boy!

I love this picture!  Sam has so much personality. He is 17 months and 100% boy.  Here are some of his latest stats.

Favorite foods: Cheese and chicken

Favorite toys: Balls, measuring cups, pots and pans, remotes, cell phones, keys

Vocabulary: Mom, Dad, Nana (banana), bottle, blankie, book, ball, cheese, all done, thank you, please, bye bye, hi, hello, no, yes, uh-oh

Animal sounds: Woof, meow, quack, whoo whoo, spit (camel), moo

Favorite animal: Nemo, my sister’s cat

New tricks: climbing in the bath tub by himself, jumping in his bed, climbing on the furniture, running, playing outside, going down slides

Sleeping: through the night…most nights

Favorite meals: pasta, fried rice, anything with cheese, enchiladas

Favorite books: anything with animals (he has to kiss all of the puppies), Goodnight Moon, Time for Bed

As a side note, we get to see Sam’s birthparents this summer. They live about 1400 miles away so we haven’t seen them since he was born. We are beyond excited to see both of them. We love them so much and can’t wait to spend time with them again.

The season for Thanksgiving

We have had a whole series of special experiences lately, made all the more special by the fact that we are enjoying them with our little miracle baby boy. The mundane has become magical, as waking up with a giggly little face in the house makes every day start off special. Grocery shopping is fun (and more expensive) now that we make the impulse buys for our little man. Preparing for the holiday season, and especially Christmas is such fun that it’s almost like being a little kid again ourselves. All this miracle in our lives is as a result of the gift of adoption that we have been given, that we’ll never be able the express the depth of our gratitude for, and this we celebrate all year, but especially at this Thanksgiving season.

Long line of love.

Last week we went to Florida for our nephew’s wedding. We had a great time re-connecting with family. We miss Jon’s sister and brother and wish we all lived closer together! We also were able to met Sam’s birth grandparents. Jim and Trudy warmed our hearts instantly. They talked with love about their family and the love the have for their two daughters. We watched some home videos of our sweet Holly when she was younger. I now know where Sam love of water and enthusisum of life orignated. She was a smiley baby, a happy baby and a curious about life baby….all traits we enjoy in Sam. What a gift it was to learn more about Holly’s family.

Sam truly comes from a long line of love….and we promise to keep it alive.

Jon’s First Father’s Day!

Tomorrow is Jon’s first Father’s Day. I think back to when we first saw Sam. As Jon held him for the first time, tears rolled down his cheeks. There was an instant bond between the two of them. I think back to when we brought Sam home on the plane. Jon held sweet baby Sam through the really really bumpy plane ride. I think back to when Sam got his first shots and tears again rolled down Jon’s cheeks wishing he could take away the discomfort. I think back to when Sam was sick and wanted to be held round the clock and Jon would hold him the entire night. I think back when Jon read to Sam the book Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born by Jamie Lee Curtis, and was barely able to get the words out. I think back to when Sam first smiled, laughed, rolled over or started to crawl (last night!) and the excitement on Jon’s face as he understands what a great miracle this child is in our lives. And then I think back to the time we said goodbye to Sam’s birthparents and the tears as Jon promised Sam’s birthfather that he would always love and protect their son. He has done that, DSC_0115and so much more.

Small boys become big men

through the influence of big men

who care about small boys.

- Anonymous

Happy Father’s Day!!!

49 days

Seven weeks ago, our lives were changed forever. Seven weeks before that, our angel had found us, and the time had come to meet her and our new baby boy.

A blur of a day of travel brought us to a dark night in the Midwest, and as we drove with no traffic around us, and only the moon, the stars, and each other for company, I don’t think we realized what we were in for. We talked some, but mostly thought, and tried to figure out what our life was going to be like, and convince ourselves that it was really happening for us, so soon.

Today, as good friends of ours are at the same point in their story that we were those seven weeks ago, I can’t imagine life any other way, and when I read about adoptions that have so much heartache after the placement, I am reminded how grateful I am for the course of our journey to this point. As hard as things were getting to this point, the smile of my little boy looking up at me makes it all worth it.


The best birthday present

We went to dinner at Rachel’s parents today to celebrate our birthdays (mine was 2 weeks ago, hers was today). While we were there, Rachel got a call that we had been waiting for since Thursday, a call from a friend who has been going through some hard times lately, but has still been helping us along our journey. I don’t think anything I could have gotten Rachel for her birthday would have meant as much to her as this call did today. For this, and many experiences like this as we’ve been making this journey together, we will be forever grateful.

After 8 1/2 years together, I am more convinced than ever that there is no one better for me, today and always, than my dear Rachel. As we’re together, in happy times and sad, she helps me find a way to be better every day, and helps me realize that happiness like we share makes all the hard times worthwhile. I consider her companionship my present every day. I love you dear!!!