National Adoption Day!

As I write, I have a sleeping baby on my chest. So tiny. So Perfect. A miracle at minimum. He has changed me. He is healing my broken heart. I’m forever grateful for our sweet Holly who gave him life. I cherish the bond I have with her. It is unlike any other human bond.  She made me a mother.  I marvel daily at her love and at the miracle of adoption. I will never be the same…


100_0069Thanks Holly. May angels be at your side forever. You are our angel. 


0 thoughts on “National Adoption Day!

  1. ahhhh… I love sleeping babies. How are you doing?? I want to hear all about the first full week home and your days without Jon (since he’s at work) I’ve given you some time alone (and it’s been very difficult BTW), so can I see you this week? Maybe tues afternoon ar adam and I could come over in the evening. Can’t wait to see you all.:)

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