The best birthday present

We went to dinner at Rachel’s parents today to celebrate our birthdays (mine was 2 weeks ago, hers was today). While we were there, Rachel got a call that we had been waiting for since Thursday, a call from a friend who has been going through some hard times lately, but has still been helping us along our journey. I don’t think anything I could have gotten Rachel for her birthday would have meant as much to her as this call did today. For this, and many experiences like this as we’ve been making this journey together, we will be forever grateful.

After 8 1/2 years together, I am more convinced than ever that there is no one better for me, today and always, than my dear Rachel. As we’re together, in happy times and sad, she helps me find a way to be better every day, and helps me realize that happiness like we share makes all the hard times worthwhile. I consider her companionship my present every day. I love you dear!!!


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  1. Aww, that made me a little veclempt! What a great couple you are. Thanks for letting me witness your journey. You two are so perfect for each other!

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