Happy 30th Birthday!


Isn't he cute?

So cute!

Today is Jon’s 30th birthday. Yup, the world (mostly me) is celebrating 30 fabulous years of Jon. In order to celebrate, I thought I would make a list of 30 things I love about Jon.  Too bad he isn’t 112 because there are more than 30 reasons.


  1. he gets me (I could technically repeat this for all thirty)
  2. he can add really big numbers in his head
  3. he loves to travel and see new things
  4. he took me to the circus for my birthday last year
  5. he gets goose bumps during the national anthem
  6. he knows how to fix everything
  7. he knows how to cook
  8. he scrubs toilets
  9. he is reliable
  10. he loves our nieces and nephews more than words
  11. he is tender
  12. he is patient
  13. he goes swimming with me even though he doesn’t float
  14. he loves my family
  15. he helped build our family lodge
  16. he holds me when I cry
  17. he plays games with me
  18. he wins most of the time
  19. he has a big heart and loves to serve others
  20. he loves his family
  21. he does the laundry
  22. he understands the words I make up
  23. he can reach the high stuff on shelves
  24. he is foxy!
  25. he is foxy! (so foxy it is worth mentioning twice!)
  26. he knows a little bit about everything
  27. he knows how to be silly
  28. he wishes me “happy birthday time” at 9:28pm
  29. he is my favorite person
  30. he is going to be an incredible daddy!


I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with him. Here is to a wonderful day and another fabulous year of Jon.  I’m so lucky he is in my life. 


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  1. Jon- you really are amazing! This is such a nice post Rachel really has a way with words- (especially the made up ones) Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day! You really are all those things she said (although i’m a little hesitant on the double foxy for Adam’s sake) and you really will make a terrific Daddy.

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