Blessings, love, and Musings

It was kindof a big weekend in our family, as far as church stuff goes. Yesterday, my niece was baptized and confirmed, and I was able to be a witness to the baptism, and in the circle as her father confirmed her. I was reminded how special the ability to act in priesthood ordinances is, and how much I am grateful to be able to participate in blessing those whom I love.

I was in the circle when my cousin’s little boy was blessed today, one of two in their ward, and a total of 3 baby blessings we listened to when you count the one in our ward. Not to start the pity party, but today was one of those days that it’s really hard to be waiting, hoping that our time is coming soon, so that we can be part of the joy that comes with all the new events in a little one’s life.

It also makes me think about what birthmothers/firstmothers go through in their lives. ¬†They must want to know that their child is part of a loving and caring family, and in a case like today, where dozens of people on both sides of the family were in the congregation to support my cousin’s little boy, I can only imagine that families like this are what the plan is all about.


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