These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

Rachel   Jon  
Lemony Snicket Author Eoin Colfer  
Hot chocolate with
hazelnut syrup
Drink/Beverage Mountain Dew  
Series of Unfortunate
Book Artemis Fowl  
Take 5 Candy Bar Snickers  
Yearly family reunions
with the extended family
Childhood Memory Camping and hiking trips with my family  
My Kid Sister doll, her
name was Emily
Childhood Toy LEGOS  
Orange Color Red  
Brownies – the fudge kind Dessert Chocolate Pie  
Switzerland Dream Vacation European Castles  
Gelato Food Cheese  
Five Crowns Game Skip-bo  
Cooking Hobby Reading  
Christmas Holiday 4th of July  
Cooking Light or Rachael
Magazine TIME  
Taking Jon to Disneyland
for the first time
Memory with Spouse Hearing Rachel say “holy
crap that’s big” after seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time
Gilmore Girls (why did it
have to end?)
TV Show West Wing  
Josh Groban Music Classic Rock  
Breakfast foods Thing to cook Barbecue  
Driving by the giant inflatable Santa  (obscenely giant – it makes me laugh) Tradition Waking up early on Christmas to open presents

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