Meet Rachel

Rachel is a beautifully creative woman, who delights in new experiences.  She never hesitates to express her compassion for other people, as she did when my mother was recently bedridden for 3 months.  Rachel would take time at least 2 or 3 times a week to stop by my parents’ house to have lunch and wash my mom’s hair, in addition to the evenings we would go together.  Patience and nurturing seem to come easily for her, and when we have time with our nieces and nephews, she doesn’t hesitate to play right along with them, regardless of how silly the playing may seem to a less understanding adult. As our family grows, Rachel will always be a willing participant (if not leader) in the fun.  One of my favorite experiences with Rachel was when we went to visit our family in Florida, and had the chance to play at the beach on the Gulf of Mexico.  It was Rachel’s first time in the ocean, and she seemed even more excited about it than any of the kids, and would have stayed just playing in the waves and walking barefoot in the sand all day.  Rachel takes the time to try to understand why people (especially me) feel and think the way they do, so that she can support their decisions and actions.  I know she genuinely cares for me, and will be able to show our children that same love.  


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  1. It is clear that in the face of a tremendous trial the two of you have turned to each other for strength. Your introductions of each other are soulful – I could feel of your sincere love for one another! Your future family is very lucky to have such a strong foundation to stand on!

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