Our Families

We both come from wonderfully supportive families. We are fortunate to live nearby both sets of parents. Some of our favorite time is spent up at our family property in Idaho. We even helped build a lodge with our extended family!  We love to take weekend trips there and spend time playing games, canoeing, flying kites and Dutch oven cooking. Both families have been enthusiastic supporters of our decision to pursue adoption. They are waiting with much anticipation to love and spoil a new addition to our family.

We also have the privilege of living close to our niece and two nephews. We’ve been lucky enough to watch them grow and participate in their lives. We’ve spent time carving pumpkins, baking Christmas cookies, riding the train, playing at the park, painting fingernails and building LEGOS…and we’ve loved every minute of the laughter and smiles they’ve given us in return. We look forward to building experiences like these into traditions with our children. 

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