Our letter…


Words cannot express the gratitude we feel in our hearts for mothers who provide selfless and loving stewardship for their children. We have longed to have our lives and hearts touched by the positive influence of a child. In spite of our struggles in this journey we have grown closer together. We are united as best friends fully committed to each other and our future family. 

As many couples do, we’ve spent countless hours dreaming of our future family and what kind of parents we will be.  In addition to giving our children heaps and heaps of unconditional love, we want to be the kind of parents who lead by example, and foster an environment where it is safe to make mistakes and where dreaming big is encouraged. We want to teach our children to be accepting of others and non-judgmental.  As a family, we will celebrate their journey into our family and honor the brave woman who gave them life.

We won’t say we know what you’re going through, because frankly we can’t. What we do know is how grateful we are to you for even considering our family. Should you choose us to parent your child, we are interested in maintaining a relationship with you with updates, visits, and photos, if that is your choice. We sincerely hope you are getting the love and support you need from those around you and that you’ll feel peace through the upcoming days and months, whatever your decision.


Jon and Rachel

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